Creating this website has truly been a collaborative effort from across our Scouting family.
Without the hard work of the following people, this website would simply not have happened.
Thank you.

Comms Team (“Pixel Scouts”)

Leigh Brown
Assistant District Commissioner (Comms)

Richard Chen
Media Manager (Photography)

Aaron Marcus
Media Manager (Videography)

Section Contributors

Beaver Scouts
Penny Bull
Assistant District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts)

Cub Scouts
Jeremy Racher
Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts)

Scouts Introduction
Richard Chen
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Explorer Scouts Introduction

Network Scouts
Greg Harewood
District Scout Network Commissioner

Cambridge University Scouts and Guides Club (CUSAGC)
Thomas Webster

District Contributors

Cambridge Scout Shop
Robert ‘Bob’ Benton

Cambridge Scout Archive
Jeremy Racher

Group Contributors

1st Cambridge (Orchard Park) Scout Group

11th/9th Cambridge (Newnham) Scout Group
Frank Lee

12th Cambridge (Viscount Clifdens Own) Scout Group
Colin Sills

13th Cambridge (Notts Own) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Scout Group
Chris Ward

16th Cambridge (St James) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

18th Cambridge (The Church of the Good Shepherd) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

26th Cambridge Scout Group
Andrew Davison

27th Cambridge Scout Group
Tom Hartley

28th Cambridge (St John’s) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

29th Cambridge (East Barnwell) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

32nd Cambridge (Waterbeach) Scout Group
Tom Hartley

50th Cambridge (Milton) Scout Group
Martin Cooper

54th Cambridge (St George’s) Scout Group
Martin Cooper

57th Cambridge (Fulbourn) Scout Group
Martin Cooper

1st Sawston Scout Group
Sean Dooley

1st Shelford & Stapleford Scout Group
Sean Dooley

1st Trumpington Scout Group
Sean Dooley

Explorer Unit Contributors

26th Cambridge Explorers Unit
Andrew Davison

50th Cambridge (Milton) Explorers Unit
Martin Cooper

Newnham Explorers Unit
Rebecca Park

Phoenix Explorers Unit
Tom Hartley

Shackleton Explorer Scouts
David Proctor

27th Cambridge Scout Group
Tom Hartley