Action-packed activities form the core of being a Scout, encouraging young people to make their own decisions and to explore the world around them…

Scouts do anything and everything – all the fun things you have always wanted to do.  If you are aged 10½ to 14, whether it is outdoor based activities such as abseiling, camping, biking, kayaking or indoor based such as crafts, photography or electronics – what you do is your choice.

We have a progressive Award Scheme based on the three key themes of outdoors, world, and skills to keep you constantly pushing yourself to achieve your personal best. Not only will you gain practical skills, you will also gain life skills, such as leadership, responsibility and confidence.

You will become a member of a Scout Patrol within a larger Scout Troop.

Together, you will make all the decisions, set goals and work together as a team to succeed in whatever you choose to do.

There is an extensive network of Scouts in Cambridge and an estimated 40 million members worldwide. There is always something new and exciting to try!

10½ – 14 yrs

District Team

Debbie RosierAssistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Join the adventure!