Achieving Growth – AG1

///Achieving Growth – AG1
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This is Part 2 of 3 Skill Courses for Management & Supporters Training.

  • Part 1 Skills of Management    – 2 Day
  • Part 2 Achieving Growth          – 1 Day
  • Part 3 Meeting the Challenges  – 1 Day

It is recommended that you attend the Skills of Management course before attending the remaining 2 Skill courses.

Part 2 Achieving Growth is a one day course.

  • During the course we will be covering the following Key Messages:
  • A good quality programme supports the retention of young people and reviewing the programme helps to support and enhance it.
  • Producing, implementing and reviewing a development plan will help you to prioritise and carry out your actions to meet your objectives.
  • Development plans at County, District and Group level must all work together.
  • Scouting is inclusive and should reflect the community in which it operates
  • Being open to and managing change is a key part or your role.
  • Enabling and supporting flexible volunteering will help you with both the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
  • Using the strengths of others and including them in creating a plan will help you to deliver development plans, together.

The following Independent Learning Units are recommended as pre-course learning, if they are relevant to your role:

  • Managing Your Time and Personal Skills
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Project Management
  • Getting the Word Out
  • Leading Local Scouting
  • Finding, Appointing and Welcoming Volunteers
  • Supporting the Adult Training Scheme

For more information, and to book the course, please visit: